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Health Spells

Health Spells

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Today, as throughout history, health is a huge part of peoples mental and vocal concerns. Much like in video games we need a little pick me up when we get hit too hard. Hopefully this can help. Visualize what your health means and looks like to you. Hold tight to that and your jar and feel that shift. 

Our health spell is meant to bring rejuvenation to your soul and boost overall wellbeing. The jar contains turmeric, calendula, amethyst, and more to cleanse and protect your health. The jar comes with full instructions, twine, and intention paper all in an organza bag.

DISCLAIMER – Each spell jar is treated individually with intuition and care. As with any spiritual items, we supply the tools and you supply the energy. Results depend on you as well.

For legal reasons please note: All items sold on this site are provided as curios only. We make no claims as to their properties or suitability. We are not medical professionals, and we do not recommend ingesting or using for any medicinal purpose.

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