What are Spells?

Spell jars are also known as witch bottles. They have been used in folk magic since the 17th century. The early witch bottles were meant as anti-curse protection and were in stoneware glazed with salt. They are more broadly used today and are most often in glass jars or containers.

Spell jars are a physical representation of a desire or intention. They are used to attract energies and assist you with manifesting your desire or intention. Spell jars are jars that generally contain a mixture of herbs, salts, and crystals. Some also contain stated intentions or sigils. The jars are then sealed with wax. All the involved items will be tokens that line up and channel with certain intentions or energies.

Spell jars can be placed where they will remind and refocus your thoughts and intents, like a success jar on your work desk. They can also be carried with you or worn as a type of amulet, such as wearing/carrying a protection jar with you going somewhere new.

We offer 5 ready-made spells in 3 size varieties. We also offer a custom variety where you tell us what your intention is, what size you would like, and we build a jar for you.